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Understanding C++ Language

Understanding C++ Language

Taufiq Setiawan

Understanding C++ Language
Understanding C++ Language

Understanding C++ Language or you can read the C Sharp, is a programming language developed by Microsoft. Programming C # itself is built from the base programming with C++ got influence in the form of features found in other programming languages such as.

Understanding C++

Understanding C++ Delphi, Java and also Visual Basic. Anderls Helsberg in recruit training by Microsoft to develop this language and in 2000 first introduced in C #.

Programming C # it relies heavily of the .Net framework, so before you install the application we build using visual c #, we need to install .Net Framework. C # can not only run in Windows but it can also be installed on Linux with using Mono. In addition there are also alternative IDEAS that we can use in windows ie SharpDevelop.

Understanding C++ Programming language built for the purpose of General Purpose, besides a simple and easy to learn. To learn Microsoft provides a free version of Visual C # Express Edition that we can download from the microsoft Web site.

Understanding C++ Programming language built for the purpose of General Purpose, besides a simple and easy to learn. To learn Microsoft provides a free version of Visual C # Express Edition that we can download from the microsoft Web site.


Understanding C++ # simple, because this language is based on C and C++. If you are familiar with C and C++ or Java, you’ll even find aspects that are so familiar, such as statements, expression, operators, and some functions are adopted directly from C and C++, but with various improvements that make the language became more simple.

Object Oriented Language

 C # meets the requirements as a programming language is Object Oriented, i.e. encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism.

Powerful and flexible

C # can be used to make a wide variety of applications, such as word processing applications, grapik, spreadsheets, or even create a compiler for a language permrograman.


C # does not have too much of a keyword, so that it can reduce the hassle.


Understanding C++ code written with the Division of each of the classes (classes) that consists of some of the routines that are referred to as member methods. Classes and methods can be used by other programs or applications.

Only by providing the information required by the Class and the method in question, then we will be able to make a code that can be used by one or more applications and programs (reusable code)

After we read and find out what it is and why the C # language in read c sharp, now we need to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Understanding C++.

The Advantages Of C #

  • Flexible: C # programs can be executed at the machine’s own computer or on the transmiskan through the web and executed in other computer
  • Powerful: C # has a bunch of commands similar to C++ that is rich in features that are complete but with a more refined style of language making it easier for its users
  • Easier to use: C # to modify commands are completely the same as the C++ and tells where we went wrong when there is an error in the application, this can reduce our time in finding errors
  •  Visually oriented: The .NET library code used by C #
  •  Providing the assistance needed to create the look that complicated with frames, dropdown, tabbed windows, group button, scroll bar, background images, and more
  •  Secure: Anysemua programming language used for the needs of the internet must have security yg really safe to avoid action crime from other parties such as hackers, C # has a myriad of features to handle it
  • Memory management much easier because of the garbage collector frees the memory, automatic scr shg can prevent memory leak
  • Type safe, implicit conversion of data types only support a derivative and operation of data type widens yg (for example from int to long int to short, kalo can not) and this detected pas compile it.
  • Many functions are available in the Base Class Library .NET Framework
  • .NET Framework is evolving quickly and the more lucrative feature makes our productivity increased, e.g.: linq.
  • For the development of business applications/public or enterprise, the use of C # will be more productive than when using C++. The C # language is still a subset of the C language, but seolah2 made easier and productive as Visaul Basic while maintaining flexibility and “power” from the C language.
  •  Microsoft is reportedly developing an operating system with the code name “Singularity”/”Midori” which will replace Windows. This operating system, its API written in C # and is managed code such as .Net Framework at this time so will certainly brings the C # as programming language standard. This will add more excess deficiency of C #: C #
  • The number of operators as well as the flexibility of the writing program at times
  • sometimes confusing user
  • For beginners in General will be the difficulty of using a pointer.

Introduction NET Framework

NET Framework is an integrated component of windows that was created with the aim to support the development of a whole range of applications as well as to be able to run a wide variety of applications including next generation Web application development XML Services.

NET framework designed

  1. To provide a consistent work environment for object-oriented programming language (object-oriented programming – OOP)
  2.  To provide a working environment in the execute code that can process meminimaliasi software deployment and avoid conflicts of use of software versions were produced.
  3. To provide a safe working environment in terms of pengeksekusian code, including code created by third parties (third party).
  4. To provide a working environment that can reduce the problem on the question of the performance of the code or of his interpreter environment.

Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft .NET Framework

Understanding C There are two main components in the .NET Framework i.e. CLR (Common Language Runtume) and FCL (.NET Framework Class Library).

The Common Language Runtime (CLR) is the main foundation of the NET Framework.

CLR is the component that is responsible for several tasks, such as memory management, perform the set up code execution, verifying the security code.

managed code. There are two stages of .NET compilation is done, the first CLR will compile our application code into assembly language in the CLR (Microsoft Intermediate Language).

Understanding C Both when the application is executed the other compiler called JIT (Just-in-time compiler) which is also one of the kompenen in the CLR to CLR translates into machine language tailored to the platform.

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