Domain hosting SSL

Domain hosting SSL

Domain hosting, and SSL is an important ingredient in making a website, without both a website will not be created.
Well this time I will discuss about what is a Domain, Hosting, Website, and SSL.


A domain is a unique name given to a server to change the order of a sequence of numbers or IP addresses into a name or what we call domain. Why is arguably unique? Because the domain name we can customise suit to inginan us, e.g. like or idbersatu. fun. Domain is also considered very important because such addresses are likened to the domain will show where the location of our homes.


Well this is the most important, Hosting. Hosting is a place or space is used to store data or files of the internet into a server online. Hosting is very important in building a website, because if there is no hosting then there is no website, hosting is useful for storing important data or data file, such as a website builder index, login, register, or any other reply.
Well this hosting likened such land or land used to build a home or enterprise.


The website is a combination of domain and hosting, this website is where we upload or provide information, and make sales, the website is a lot like like the store or our home.


SSL or Secure Socket Layer, is a system used to secure the data, in a way mengenksripsi all data users who make a visit into our website. SSL is also very important in building an online store or online store, not just to avoid the theft of data, SSL is also useful to provide confidence in the visitor that the website is secure and they assume we are also serious in make sales. SSL is a lot like like the fence that will protect our homes from theft.

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