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Tips%2BDomain%2BWebsite%2BMboton.netPurchase a domain is not an easy task. It’s not easy because you need to consider a few things ranging from the length of the word, easily remembered, SEO to the legality of a provider’s domain registration services website.
Want To Buy A Domain? Consider a few things:

1. The availability of the Domain.

Make sure the domain is still available, additionally make sure also your domain name it is not the name of a brand of other companies. That is, although you can buy domain domain name, does not mean you have to buy the same as the name of a brand or a company. Cautious, Yes, you could be prosecuted for registering the domain name was already owned by other parties lawfully. Try a similar name check on Google.

2. Domain Brand.

Domain is the Brand or brands. Do not bingungkan website visitors or customers you because ye domain different to the name brand you. As much as possible domain name consists only of letters does not contain characters such as a-(Minus) or even numbers. This will facilitate visitors remember your domain and reduce typographical error (typo) and longer compared to only letters especially when entering the name of the phone because of the need to press the number keys to enter characters or numbers.

3. Domain extension.

Domain extension meaning is the suffix of a domain name, for example domain has the extension. com. domain extension there are plenty among others. .com, .net,.,., id orag, asia and so on. Use popular domain extensions or already used in General by most people. In addition, use an appropriate extension with its usefulness, for example for the online store you are using. .com,. or. id for stores that already has a business license.
For some needs such as online stores or companies, try to buy domain com first before another domain to avoid impersonation.

4. Shorter is better.

The General rules are not written on the selection of a domain is the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) it means to choose a domain name that is short, easy to remember and represent website content you.

5. Select the Trusted Domain Provider.

There are many providers of domain registration. Unfortunately, not all companies that service providers are registered officially in ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). This usually happens when you buy a domain that already one package with hosting. Purchase a domain from a company not officially deny you when you want to move your domain to another provider.

6. Whois ID Protection.

When you register a domain, you enter information such as phone number, address, email and name will look freely on the internet. This information can be used to send you spam email, telephone, letter, and hacking. With the Whois ID Protection, personal information will not be seen by others.

Domains that are trend may be able to Jack up the traffic, but it was only moments away. If the trend is past then traffic will freefall. So avoid selecting a domain based on trends.

8. avoid negative domain names

Like what is it? An example of such a domain with the word contain elements of SARA, hate, provocative, pornographic and other bad things. This is not very good because it can be obscured by a search engine may even cause the blacklist.
As we know that google hate negative things then don’t choose domain is bad though.

9. The old Domain.

If you decide to buy a domain that has been registered, check the history of the domain. If the domain was previously used for the website with the intention that no violation of the law, in accordance with the purpose of the website, and have a good traffic.
Before you purchase a domain you can look around promos and discounts they offer first. If it is ripe with mempertimbangkanya then you can register.

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