How To Fix Android Lemot

How To Fix Android

You guys Definitely have always felt the very disturbing at a time when operating your android. Slow or lack of response is one of the things that is very frustrating because it is very inhibiting us on our adroid when operating. Keep what is the cause? Often this sophisticated android Smartphone mengeluarlan a notification that there is a new OS should be the Firware upgrade, but is as important as that we should immediately upgrade him?. Perhaps if we upgrade to the Android os makes the bias we so slow to operate.

Is There A Way To Overcome It?

There is absolutely, no matter how is very easy. It’s a lot of ways to solve google’s Android lemot. But does it work? If not successful I recommend to follow the way in writing this article. In my experience Yes. I once had a smarphone android IE Lenovo A6000 + with 2 GB ram, I question why the heck lemot with 2 GB ram when other 1 GB aja aja lancer. Then I was searching at google he’s in have upgraded the firware upgrade notification if there is, then the notification it is appeared and I upgrade also let me not lemot. EH kok makin the weight after a restart. Why yes? Turns out after I typed selidik we upgraded to the latest version automatically the file size will be even greater and growing and it will cause Android we are getting slow. Okay lah aja advanced we get into how to fix Android lemot

1. finding the problem

you have to know what causes search android we became lemot or very lambar once for running. We bias went into the settings menu and go to the applications running, see which application takes a lot of memory.

2. Remove any Widgets

the Widget is one of the nice features to beautify the look of our Android, though nice bias also causes it to be your android becomes slow to operate. Are you using the download Results in Louncher playstore? Delete and just use the default android launcher you. Because if the launcher download results will likely take up a lot of memory on your Android default Louncher compare. Kurangilah widget on android you don’t use too many widgets.

3. close Your Application History/Clear Memory

Meaning you biased delete history application you just open, or bias in the call clear memory, there’s no doubt the android application button to open what we just wrote that open, well there There is usually an option to empty the memory or clear the memory.

4. turn off the animations in your Android

Usually it is today many teenagers put up a lot of animation in androidnya. Animation is one of the things that is often called steal the capacity of ram. To make it open to bias and the settings menu – Developer Options, then you change the number of bias values in the Windows Animation, Scale, Transition, and Animatir into the smallest value, or your bias also turning it off.

5. Regularly clean the Cache Data

what is the Cache? A cache is a temporary storage area for data from applications that you never open. The cache is left will accumulate and make your android became lemot, to overcome your bias following the routine clears the cache that is us bias enter the menu Settings-Apps-All and then you guys search applications that want you clear cache his.

Maybe just that a bias I write for you guys. Indeed android lemot very disturbing us. May wrote with the existence of a way over and done with routine bias make android we became fast again.

Thank You.

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