How To Fix Android Battery Life

The Smartphone is one of the modern means of communication in use nearly 98% resident Indonesia using sophisticated tools. The Smartphone also has a lot of benefits among other things such as communicating, let alone if we the streets photos of apparent bias. But it is very sad the break we make travelling and leads the smartphone with the condition of the battery empty or depleted. Indeed the smarphone has advanced features also has disadvantages such as the purpose of this article, namely battery wastes.

Is There A Solution? Pastnya there is a solution for you that has a very extravagant Android Battery. What The Heck Causes Battery Wasful? Maybe we are too many enable applications such as fuel, WhatsApp, Facebook and many more, perhaps because you are too much of a turn on your smartphone applications, so it took a lot of resources. Moreover, the smartphone Just battery 1400Mah definitely sized him Just 1 hour dah exhausted the battery. I recommend buying hp kalo choose which are larger than 2000Mah battery so the battery isn’t too extravagant. Light intensity may be too influential to the battery. Moreover you guys love the game, wahh cepet tuh rotten battery. Worse yet kalo maen Game while in Cas.

Keep how is A solution for Wasteful Batteries?
Here I have few solutions to all of you who are going through the suffering that is Wasteful battery. For that I recommend you to follow my solution below. Does It Work? Yes hopefully it works. Because we are not going to know the reply we are not willing to try.

1. turn off the Feature is not essential

I suggest you guys turn off features that are not being used so that the battery doesn’t fall for the same features that are too active.

2. Keep away from the hot Temperature

the temperature is too hot can also give bad influence for your smartphone, don’t be so hover your smartphone in a place where temperature is hot or high. You guys definitely have experienced your smartphone is very hot and wasteful. Maybe it can cause damage to the battery.

3. buy a battery

Battery Buy Smartphones that are 2 times greater capacity than the original stone. Or often called DoublePower.

4. Turn off Vibration Vibration

or perhaps taunya with the term Vibrations, turn off or reduce the Vibration Feature so I wasn’t too packed battery.

5. Power Saving

Now this one I recommend for you guys that its smartphone there is power saving features, I recommend you guys to enable this feature so that your battery more durable again.

6. Intensity of Light

set the brightness of the screen of your smartphone, do not be too bright because going to devour battery power pretty much. I suggest to itensitas light atus becomes automatic.

7. Auotsycn Feature and Automatic Updates

Toggles this feature so that it does not run automatically, because if terjalan automatically and we don’t know it, will go behind the scenes and will make your battery become wasteful.

8. remove application

Uninstall applications that do not need it or have never used aside from conserve battery will also give you free space on your smartphone’s memory.

9. use the Battery Trusted Application

I suggest you download a reliable battery saver application, Emang Ada? Obviously no, but how it works perhaps the application battery saver will turn off unnecessary applications.

10. Turn off GPS

Your bias is turning off GPS if you don’t use so that the battery is more durable than ever.

Maybe it’s just that I suggest to you, you can try to find another reference. Hopefully the battery agan after doing the above steps will be more durable again. Not Just you. Karan android smartphone is also famous for extravagant, so I wrote this article about how to order for your Android’s battery is not wasteful.

Thank You

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