3 How to Edit Blogger Template With Easy Cooding

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3 How to Edit Blogger
3 How to Edit Blogger

3 How to Edit Blogger Hello my friend, by the way you guys have to mess with templates yet? is it responsive? If the buddy is a newbie who wants to get into the world of bloggers, you guys my friend wondered.

3 How to Edit Blogger

The template is the basic component of a website template system separates between a content section with the presentation of a web.

For friends of mboton who want to learn blogging from scratch, I love a trusted reference i.e. blog blogger, I also still avidly read-read on the blog.


If we blogger template, it will not have discharged him, the template is divided into 2 kinds that I know of, that is, regular and Premium Templates, for an explanation of regular and Premium template can reference another friend read on.

In the template there would be the name of the script, remember no se non WordPress Bloggers within design. If a friend wanted to set up widgets, navigation.

Dropdown Menu and much more, a fella has to do it all in the script please just click here blog template mboton.

The answer is  “there!! “. Quite understand a little HTML and CSS implementation.

3 How to Edit Blogger  For my friend mboton who don’t know anything about Cooding, is sure to ask:
I kan could not cooding, how I want to design it?

Here’s how the blogger template design easily without having to cooding smart: w3schools,w3,codecademy

The first way: find a tutorial on Google.

3 How to Edit Blogger  This first way may have often done this way, fella can get references and tutorials-tutorial. Example, buddy wants to install a dropdown menu on all my friend’s blog.

Please go to google and search’s “how to create a dropdown menu on a blogger’s” from there fella can get many tutorials and references about the web news blog or blogger beginner.

The second way: Ask to Group/Forum Blogger.

If the friend does not know anything about cooding, and my friend wanted to design templates blogger you fella, only way was asked to.

Group/Forum that discusses about the Blog, ask the group what trouble a fella after entering the world of bloggers out of the country or the world.

3 How to Edit Blogger  In this way, my friend could give directives regarding comrade difficulty and assistance by those who kindly in group/forum.

The third way: playing with Inspect Element.

Inspect Element is the way to see some script templates other people or your own templates. This way my friend could try to edit its template without having to ngacak-ngacak script templates.

How to use the inspect element is quite simple, my friend stay mboton hover over the direction of the kawannku want to mboton design.

Once it right click and select inspect element, well there is my friend can edit temporal, if already confident with the template edits earlier on the next element, inspect the edit that my friend in the original template script all my friend.

3 How to Edit Blogger I mboton to give a sample script of blog or blogger Yes my friend all this script a bit but hopefully useful for who else wants to learn the web blog.

Please check below Yes my friend mboton


 <!DOCTYPE html>
 <title>Page Title Mboton</title>

 <h1>This is a Heading</h1>
 <p>This is a paragraph.</p>


3 How to Edit Blogger That’s some way to design templates to easily version kalo I still mostly make numbers two and three, now turn my friend all the more comfortable sharing ways which please select a course to suit your taste Yes my friend.

I made this article takes up the duration for 3 hours more, what’s the harm in my friend mboton friend took the time to share this article. So from me, thank you.

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