The Difference HTTP And HTTPS

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The Difference HTTP And HTTPS

The Difference HTTP And HTTPS. For those of you who are already used to use the internet, probably already familiar with HTTP and HTTPS.

Let’s say you’ve often heard both, but do you know what the heck that HTTP and HTTPS? What is the difference between the two?  What is just different letters’s ‘ behind it? Yes, maybe the difference could be that one of these letters.

But other than that, there are still some differences between the two. This time the Mboton will try to discuss the difference HTTP and HTTPS.

The Difference HTTP And HTTPS

It What The Hell? HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol a protocol that exists on the Internet that serves as a ‘ regulator ‘ of communication that occurs between the client with the server.

What is meant here are all the client device or devices which may access, receive and display the contents of a web, such as web browsers, etc.

That set up what? Communication. What is communication? The communication generally occurs between the client and the server on the internet is like this client send request to the server the server responds to the request of client server request for a client, can be in the form of HTML files or other data depending on what is requested by the client the client displays the content that is sent by the server to the user’s devices. Well all series communication process that occurs between the client and the server is set by a protocol called HTTP.

Keep, if what is HTTPS?

HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. Functions the same as HTTP, i.e. to regulate the communication between client and server. This version of secure HTTPS or secure version of HTTP. In other words, HTTPS is a new version of HTTP, developed by Netscape Communications Corp.

The difference HTTP and HTTPS is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS, we can divide into three aspects, namely the security of the data transmitted, the ports used as well as SSL needs. will describe these three aspects.

1. Security of Data Transmitted

HTTP does not guarantee the security of data sent between client and server. While HTTPS ensures the data transmitted between the client and sever, safely. There are three aspects that are held by HTTPS to ensure data security, including:
Authentication Server, the authentication with the server, the user is fully convinced that it is communicating with a server that he headed.
The confidentiality of the Data transmitted, the data will not be understood by other parties, because the transmitted data is already encrypted.
The integrity of the data that is being transmitted Data cannot be modified by the other party, because it will be validated by the message authentication code (MAC).

2. Port used

Use the default HTTP port 80 for communication that occurs between the client and the server. While HTTPS uses port 443.

3. SSL Requirements

By default, the protocol used in the communication between the client with the server is HTTP. To be able to use HTTPS, we need to have an SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layers). So, HTTP doesn’t have to have SSL while HTTPS must have SSL.


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Now that’s he’s the difference HTTP and HTTPS.

The Difference HTTP And HTTPS May be understood and hopefully can add to our knowledge all about the internet. Thank You Mboton

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