Speed Up Loading
Speed Up Loading

How To Speed Up The Loading Of The Blog So That The Light

How To Speed Up The Loading Of The Blog So That The Light mboton.net

Many people only think of the layout or design of the blog is interesting, but does not pay attention to the speed of the fast loadingnya or not Speed Up.

Here is the effective way to speed up the loading of the blog my friend mboton so that the lighter moments of the first page in the blog or site visit and more seo to all my friend.

Speed Up Loading

Speed Up  According to my mboton a very long loading is also not good, be it from visitors or SEO. Your blog or site with a light loading will also be.

preferred by visitors karna loadingnya not heavy and easy to access and is not a waste of time to wait for a very long blog loading time for pengujungnya my friend.

There are several tools that you can use for testing how fast the loading time of Your blog on the first page is open, here there are two tools I know IE you should try for it all my friend have toolnya please on click.

Now you do first is, please test the speed of your own blog before using the tips from this mboton me, hopefully by following tips from this blog, I mboton my dear friend can become lighter as you want Yes my friend.

Effective Ways To Speed Up Loading So That The Lighter

Speed Up  When the blog my friend loadingnya very long, you should fix it before be bad for your blog, not just a diminishes visitor, positioning on Search engines any little bit will be decreased.
Therefore as soon as you notice these things to raise the position of Your postings all ya fella, and invite visitors to visit your blog.

In this post I will share some tips and tricks that I use on my own template is mboton, the following tips that you can use in your template.

CSS already compressed

If you do not minify CSS in the template of your blog, you should compress it first, because this is a basic point for memperingankan loading of your blog. There are many sites to CSS menkompres out there, just You try it one by one that you think it is a good site for compressing CSS. Here I am using one of the sites that are useful for compressing CSS IE http://csscompressor.com/.

Minimize the size of image/image

Here I will mencerikan my personal experience, in the beginning I start making my post doesn’t know anything just to look at, and just publish it anyway. At the time it was also lots of pictures/image that is not in the compress, then what happens is loading my blog becomes long, and not many pictures/image that does not appear (blank).
Therefore I conclude that image with a large size will affect the page loading being fit, then you as soon as possible to minimize all the full-size image that you already use on Your post. Here’s a site that you can use to shrink the size (size) picture/image you, a site that you can use is http://optimizilla.com/.

By deleting the default Blogger script

Tips and tricks can also speeds up the loading of your blog friends to be as light as my Mboton.net, you need to know at the moment I am testing pagespeed in one site provider for testing pagespeed, I was surprised by the script code weird, then I look at my template, and I can’t find the code of the script is the same as that of the results of the test, the following code is more or less


Speed Up In fact I’ve never compress Javascript one above i.e. https://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js. Still just loading me into a long, protruding no reaction when I compress the Javascript sudang. Please copy Yes my friend.

Here’s how to disable the default blogger code

First step from mboton:

Please you to the theme/template > Edit HTML. Then You replace the code <b:skin> with the code below

 &lt;style type=&quot;text/css&quot;&gt;
&lt;!-- /*<b:skin> 

Step two Mboton :

Find and replace code </head> with the code below


The third step:

The final step is, find the code </body> and replace it with the code below


Don’t wear a widget that is not important

Speed Up  Not forever most widgets will become your blog be good or loading long, but wear excessive widgets are also not good, and look forward to going to be bad for your own blog low my friend, one of which was the loading of your blog be longer than blogs that restrict the use of widgets like blog mboton first time too slow.

Sabaiknya you use widgets as necessary just like the Subscribe Box, Popular Post/Recent Post, and so on are still there sangkutannya with your blog.

Addition to my Mboton.net

Speed Up  This way is very effective, and I myself have tried this, and the result in the posting I made. When loading still long ago there’s a chance your network connection is lacking sufficient to access a page hopefully my friend managed to hit the blog loading very long time thank you for visiting the blog mboton this is all.

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